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How to Solve Facebook Messenger Not Responding Problem? - To delete the incompatible add-ons, you can go to Customize and control Google Chrome> More tools> Extensions to locate the incompatible add-on and remove it.. 3. Use other browser. Another possible reason is that the browser you used is incompatible with Facebook Messenger and you can try to use other browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and so on. Facebook Messenger Extension/App : chrome Facebook Messenger Extension/App Does anyone know of or has made their own extension/app for Facebook Messenger where the icon in the taskbar would blink orange when a new message is received? I've used the Hangouts extension from the chrome store where it would do this, but it didn't seem to consistently do so. Message Passing - Google Chrome

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Facebook Messenger shares your location by default, so you'll have to manually turn it off to prevent something like Marauders Map from accessing it — which we highly recommend doing, unless you

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Is there a good Facebook Messenger app for the Chrome OS? I'm using the platform a lot and this is a necessary thing for me to have a good app for it. The ones that are already on the Chrome Web Store are working quite well, but at least on my Windows PC they don't show any notifications. Facebook Messenger For Mozilla Firefox And Google Chrome Jan 23, 2013 Download Mauf - Custom Messenger Colors Plugin for Chrome Review: Prolem on 07.07: I'm working on a fix. Please don't leave low reviews :'( Mauf for iOS: Mauf for Android: As you already know, Facebook Messenger only allows you to choose the conversation's color in a list of 15 colors.