Reporting scams to the FTC Complaint Assistant is very important! Once, you have arrived at the FTC website please click on the category “Online Shopping” to complete your report. The more national reporting data that is collected, the better the chance law enforcement has to catch the criminals and decrease online crime.

Good online housekeeping will shield you from most scams. For example, rather than clicking links in emails or text messages, find websites ‘the long way round’ – via Google (though not the sponsored ads) or verified social media accounts (look for the blue tick). Jul 25, 2020 · Online shopping has soared during 2020, so you need to know about these postal scams targeting mail order customers.Read the full article: Love Online Shopping? 5 Postal Scams You Should Avoid Read the latest news about Scams from your Better Business Bureau serving United States. Jun 12, 2019 · Know where to shop online by using our guide to compare the best online shopping websites. Read thousands of verified user reviews on top sites like Amazon, eBay and more.

The online shopping scam is very common, but the social media aspect is newer. These scammers set up fake websites, often with very sophisticated web design and sometimes stolen logos from legitimate businesses.

Jul 12, 2020 · With this spike in online shopping comes a stark increase in problems from it. To ensure a safe shopping experience, take heed to these seven tips. Use good passwords, avoid scams: A good

Apr 05, 2016 · Online shopping can be a great way to score some serious deals, but sadly, girls are now getting scammed by websites that promote cheap clothes, but don't follow through.