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Specify the name of the file you want to save the SSL certificate to, keep the “X.509 Certificate (PEM)” format and click the Save button; Cool Tip: Check the expiration date of the SSL Certificate from the Linux command line! The fastest way! Read more → Internet Explorer. Download and save the SSL certificate of a website using Internet Certificates - Whether you need a certificate for a child’s preschool diploma, a sports team, or an employee of the month award, you’ll find a free Office template that’s right for any occasion. How to add a trusted Certificate Authority certificate to Aug 06, 2018 Download Root Certificates - GeoTrust

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It can be used to download certificate from any of the SSL enabled services including HTTPS (443) LDAPS (636) SMTPS (465) POPS (995) IMAPS (993) You can either specify IP address or host name of the server. Also you can enter any custom port which makes it useful when SSL service is …