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Under Web proxy > Authentication > Ident by Location, determine which group the iOS location will be mapped to, therefore providing the filtering you require Note: If you need separate filtering policies for unique users, you'll need multiple locations. Point your iPods and iPads to this proxy. How to debug remote iOS device using Chrome DevTools | by Jun 22, 2016 Accessing global proxy settings on… | Apple Developer Forums Ah, proxies!, the gift that keeps on giving (-: This seems to have started with a late version of iOS 9 and is continuing with iOS 10. If you can confirm that there was a specific regression, you should definitely file a bug about that.. I would like to write an app to test for the presences of a proxy PAC file and then test a list of URLs to see how they are processed by the PAC file. About the global proxy - SmoothWall

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How To: Capture iOS Traffic with Fiddler Jan 21, 2019 10 Best Proxy Browsers for Android/iOS (Must Try) Private Browser. The private browser comes with an inbuilt VPN, just like the Tor browser. This …

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How to connect an iOS device to your computer via a SOCKS Scroll to the bottom where there is a section for HTTP Proxy. Select Auto from this section. In the URL field, key in the URL of the *.pac file you created and made web-accessible. Voila, your iOS device should now have the network characteristics of your work computer, and all traffic from the iOS … Is ''Web Rendering Proxy'' Any Good? | MacRumors Forums Dec 24, 2019